Welcome to my portfolio. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my many projects. I have been fortunate as a designer to work for a number of the great companies in the Dallas area. I have also worked as a freelance designer for a wide variety of clients. My training is in traditional graphic design, I also design in the digital design space and in the art of creating three dimensional renderings.

My graphic design style is as varied as my list of clients. Creating designs that clearly communicate an idea is a consistent element in all work. I like to start the design process by listening to the client present the project and describe the needs of the communication aspect. From there I can let the informational needs help guide the overall design of a project without restrictions. My preference for classic fonts and strong design fundamentals is evident in many of my favorite projects.

My strengths in digital  design are in the overall look and feel of a website and designing how the user will interact with the site as they navigate through the elements of the pages. I prefer a clean, easy to use site that features minimal click troughs by having most of the navigation available from the moment you arrive at the site. In website design, I lean toward clean, beautiful, minimalist designs with only the necessary elements to ensure a streamlined look.

I have always enjoyed packaging and architecture, so three dimensional modeling came natural to me. I like to think that I was among the pioneers in creating visual merchandising displays utilizing computer three dimensional modeling programs. Creating renderings of an individual product or of displays in an architectural space has become an important tool for me to communicate my ideas to clients.

I am a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in communication design. I am currently employed as the Creative Director for a Dallas based automotive group.

If you have any questions about my work please feel free to contact me.